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Global Server Rules
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11 Jul 2021
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08 Oct 2021

Global server rules

(1)  Use common sense.

(2)  English is the only language allowed in global chat. (Other languages may be used in private text channels)

(3)  Be respectful to other players and staff members. Excessive toxicity is not tolerated and will be punished based on staff discretion.

(4)  The usage of swear words is allowed if it's not directed towards other players. (Only the victim may report a violation of this rule)

(5)  Any form of hate speech, racism, bigotry, or any other type of discrimination is not tolerated and will be punished based on staff discretion.

(6)  Do not encourage players to commit suicide, do self-harm or send them death threats/death wishes.

(7)  Do not [threaten to] dox or DDOS other players.

(8)  Do not leak/attempt to leak/threaten to leak anyone's personal information, regardless of accuracy. (At their discretion, the victim of this offense may request the punishment be reverted)

(9)  Any form of spamming is not allowed and will be punished based on staff discretion. Examples are:
   - Messages that contain a lot of the same characters. (LOOOOOOOOOOL)
   - Flooding the chat with similar messages.
   - Spamming commands. (/pay name 1)

(10)  Do not advertise your social media unless you've been given permission to do so. (Live-streams, YouTube channels, Discord servers etc.)

(11)  Unless challenging players to duels, advertisement of IP's or other Minecraft servers will not be tolerated and will be punished based on staff discretion.

(12)  Do not send inappropriate links in chat. Examples are:
   - Links that lead to nsfw content.
   - Links that lead to automatic downloads.
   - Links that lead to IP grabbers.
Other harmful links.

(13)  Do not talk about inappropriate topics. (nudity, sex, gore etc.)

(14)  Do not pretend to be a part of the staff team.

(15)  Do not impersonate other players and staff members.

(16)  Do not fake evidence against players in reports.

(17)  Do not encourage/teach/glorify violations of the rules.

(18)  Do not use inappropriate names or skins.

(19)  Sharing accounts is allowed, but at your own risk. (if a player is punished and account sharing is involved, they will not be pardoned)

(20)  Do not evade bans. (Joining on another account while your ban is still active)

(21)  Do not evade mutes. (Trying to find ways to communicate with other players while muted)

(22)  Only Credits or Buycraft deals will be allowed. Selling or buying items for real money will be punished.

(23)  Do not do scams that result in a real-life financial loss. To protect yourself, screenshots/video of the deal are recommended. If you do get scammed out of IRL currency, then you must have detailed evidence to report the player.  (Note: Scams that result in the gain/loss of in-game items/in-game money without a real-life financial loss is allowed on specific game-modes)

(24)  Do not attempt to find loopholes in the rules.

(Make sure to read the Game-mode Specific, Discord and Forums rules as well)

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